Welcome!  I am happy to answer any questions.  Please see the "Contact Me" section.

Most items you see can be reproduced in different colors and sizes.  I also do custom work.

See "FOR SALE"  section for information about purchasing.  There is a discount if you can pick up your purchase so please contact me if you intend to do that.  I am located in El Cajon, California (San Diego County).

I am a member of CMA (Contemporary Mosaic Artists) and the International mosaic group for professional mosaic artists..."Piece Makers".

See more information on BIO page.



 "Kaleidoscope Joy"                                            FOR SALE

18", 15", 14", 9", 10", 10", 8", 4"

These 8 pieces are to be hung as one piece of wall art.



Octopus "Lemon Meringue"                                 FOR SALE

20" Tall X 24" Wide

Mosaicked in varied shades of yellow stained glass, shell, tiny mirrors.

Eyes by


"Violet" the Seahorse                                         FOR SALE

4 feet Tall X 22" Wide (at widest point)

Mosaicked in black and purple stained glass, pottery shards, glass tile, mirror tile

Charcoal-colored grout

Eye by


Heart Hospital Project (May 2014)                                    SOLD (Memphis, TN)

7 mosaic hearts in graduating sizes

largest 48" X 40"

smallest 22" X 14"

All hearts are unified with mostly mirror pieces.  A vine runs through all of the hearts and there is one little ladybug on each heart.  These are to be installed on one 17 foot wall within the heart hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

 Flame Heart (largest)  48" X 40" ............ weight = 30 lbs.

 CARD HEART   44" X 36"

 SUN HEART  40" x 32"

 HEART OF HEARTS  28" X 20" 

** This seems to be most people's favorite!


 FLOWER HEART  24" X 16"


BLUE HEART  22" X 14"'s hard to photograph mirrored pieces without getting in the picture!


NIGHT WAVES triptych                      SOLD (Temecula, CA)

each piece approximately 4 feet in length

materials:  pottery shards, mirrors, glass gems and tile, glass fish, sea shells

Grout is dark gray - almost black


JELLYFISH                      FOR SALE

8 inches wide at widest point X 34 inches long

Glass gems, glass tiles, mirrors, glitter tile, dark gray grout



"CONFETTI GARDEN"                            SOLD (Memphis, TN)

2 panels @ 24" X 32" each

mosaicked in pottery shards, stained glass, glass gems, small mirrors, tiles, metal dragonflies, glass butterflies, glass bees, white grout


To be installed at the LeBonheur Children's Hospital, parent/doctor consultation room.



Butterflies                         SOLD (Memphis, TN)

12", 16", & 22" 

To be installed at the LeBonheur Children's Hospital

(installation photos to follow)

in Memphis, TN



Tiny tiles, glitter tiles, glass gems, mirror tiles, small mirrors, stained glass, beige grout.

**  Wire antenna were added after this photo was taken.




Glass gems, tiny mirrors, stained glass, body is done is seed beads, beige grout.



Iridescent stained glass tiles, glass gems, stained glass, small mirrors in different shapes, body done in glass gems that were cut in half and stood on end, beige grout.




"TRIO OF FISH"       see "For Sale" section

24" Tall X 23" Wide

blue and white pottery shards, amber and frosted glass gems, blue glass eyes, amber stained glass, sand colored grout, "D" style hangers on back for easy installation.





Lloyd the "Sea Turtle"                          SEE "FOR SALE" SECTION


25 1/4" Wide X 18" High

Red pottery shards, creamy yellow textured stained glass, textured amber stained glass, textured off white stained glass, glass eye.

Body of turtle grouted in sand color.

Shell of turtle grouted in black

outside edge and back of turtle painted light yellow


"D" style hanging loops on back for easy installation.




"MARBLES"  wall panel   24" X 13"         FOR SALE (see FOR SALE section)

stained glass mosaic marbles surrounded by small mirrors, multi-colored grout.




Houdini The Octopus:   4 ft wide X 2 ft. high                           SOLD (Texas)

stone tiles, small mirrors, glass eyes, sage-colored grout





Back Splash Wall Hanging   4/25/13                 SOLD (La Mesa, CA)

20 1/2" Tall X 2 Feet Wide

Materials: china pieces, beads, marbles, glass gems, small mirrors, buttons, grey grout

2 "D" style hangers on back for easy installation



"Rescued" vintage end table   4/25/13           NFS

27 1/2" Tall X 16" Wide

top and shelf mosaiced with stone tiles, glass tiles, glass gems, beige grout

painted with black enamel paint and outfitted with a new glass knob for the drawer 


TRIO OF HEARTS     October 2012               NFS (Henderson, NV)

pottery shards, stained glass, glass gems, glass tiles, small mirrors

white grout 


"SEAHORSE"    July 2012

4 feet in length                 SOLD (Texas)

materials:  pottery shards, glass gems, ribbed iridescent glass, bubble textured glass, faux pearl trim, faux pearls. 

Installation photo below.....



WAVES II tryptich          July 2012                SOLD (San Diego, CA)

4 feet in length (each piece)                  

materials:  glass gems, shells, small mirrors, sea glass, glass fish, pottery shards.



June 2012                                                 FOR SALE (see sale section)


Distressed vintage window, glass on glass mosaic

30" W X 19" T

Materials:  Handmade kiln fired glass fish, stained glass, glass blobs, vintage window, gray grout 


 Door/Window/Shelf Unit "Framer"                          FOR SALE

2 pieces:  top piece - 13" T X 18 1/4" W

                bottom piece - 4 feet 1" L X 10 1/2" T at widest point

(more detailed measurements available on request)

Materials:  Stained Glass, Glass Gems, Mirrors

    This piece can frame an area of wall where you want to display photos or frame a doorway, window, or shelving unit.  Both the top and bottom pieces are assymetrical (not of even measurement on both sides)  and can be used separately or together.  The top piece can also be hung below the long piece.  There are several creative ways to use this piece of art. 


 May 2012

WAVES (triptych)         SOLD (Kansas)

As hanging here, they take up about 7 feet of wall space.

#1.  49 1/2" L X 8" W (4 feet 1 1/2 inches X 8 inches)

#2.  46" L X 6 1/4" W

#3.  48 1/8" L X 12 1/4" W (4 feet 1/8 inch X 1 foot 1/4 inch)

materials: stained glass, glass blobs, seashells, glass fish, broken ceramics, mirrors


some closeups...... 


5/23/12                                                      SOLD (Memphis, TN)

BUTTERFLY  23 1/4" T X 24" W

stained glass, mirror, seed beads, copper wire , gray grout


5/23/12                                                                SOLD (Memphis, TN)

HOTAIR BALLOONS  4 feet 1 1/4" T X 6" W

stained glass, mirror, seed beads, gray grout 


"CONFETTI" (wall hanging)


3 1/2 feet X 3 1/2 feet                  SOLD (El Cajon, CA)

ceramic tile, glass, mirror

gray grout


installed photo below.... 


Installation 2011                                           NFS

Aquarium Mosiac

22"W X 32" H

Stained Glass & glass fish

Black Grout 



"Lillys" Mosaic 

12" X 12"

Stained Glass with mirror border                       NFS

mirrored dragonflies 

very light lavender grout



Stained Glass & Mirrors mosaic                SOLD (Garland, TX)

18" X 20"  





Big Heart                                     Sold (Garland, TX)

approx. 36" X 32"

mostly mirror, some stained glass



Mosaic Mirror with red-stained wooden frame

20" W X 26"H                   NFS

Stained glass shards

White grout 



Dragon Mosaic

Stained Glass, Glass Blobs, Mirror, Beads, round mirrors                               SOLD (Henderson, NV)

Approx. 20" W X 20" H

1st Place Winner ... PieceMakers Mosaic Group ...  Oct. 2010 


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